About the program!

We’re excited to introduce our first-ever summer vocational justice discipleship program! We’re calling this ‘vocational justice’ because the program is at the core, about integrating justice into all parts of our life and vocation (from our work, to how we spend our time & money, to how we engage in advocacy). We hope that this program can help equip & empower you to advance Jesus’ Kingdom in your whole lives & vocations, and would be thrilled if you’d join us for a summer of learning, community, and growth

We'll Explore Big Questions Like...

  • What is a vocation? Do I have a calling?
  • What does work and career have to do with faith? Can I find meaning in my work?
  • What about sabbath and rest? How can I establish healthy limits in my studies, work and play?
  • What does it look like to live a life of justice, purpose, and meaning?
  • How do I live out Jesus’ care for the poor, marginalized, and oppressed communities in my daily life?
  • How can I spend, save, and give my money like Jesus?
  • How can I care for creation and be a good steward of the earth?


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