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Dates: May 25th - 28th

On January 6, violent insurrectionists prayed the Lord’s Prayer on the abandoned floor of the House of Representatives. The shooter that invaded three spas in Atlanta is a pastor’s son and touted his love for God and guns. And last year, Trump held up a Bible immediately after clearing peaceful protesters with soldiers and tear gas for a photo opp. The anointing of the United States as a Christian Nation is not new - resistance to this idolatry is not either. 

But what does identifying and separating the Jesus of Nazareth from the false messiah of white Christian nationalism look like in 2021 when there is so much pain, division, and deceit? At “Dethroning White American Jesus”, we will give concrete steps to heal from the violence of colonized Christianity, receive the love of biblical Jesus, and lead others out of oppression towards the Kingdom of God.


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